"Women Owned Business"
TN Governor's Office of
Diversity Business Enterprise 
Certification # 120114-01

About Us

Tri-State opened with the opportunity to serve both the client medical organization and the nursing professional with a common goal to provide QUALITY SERVICES to the PATIENT. 

Our staff has been serving TN/GA/AL since 1989.

Many of our staff, nursing professionals, and  satisfied clients are still with us.  

Tri-State has enjoyed longevity due to hard work and dedication, integrity and honesty, dignity and respect, passion and pride, and a high standard of excellence for all involved.

Tri-State specializes in understanding a clients’ and its patients’ needs inside and out to ensure a positive outcome. Our clients include some of the areas top ranked hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, corporations and small health care centers. 


Tri-State specializes in staffing RN’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s that are ONLY the highest caliber. All of our professionals are rigorously screened, licensed, and insured. We simply will NOT accept those that do not meet our higher standards. Our staff personally and relentlessly commits to the higher standard for all of our professionals. 

We share your passion for excellence and want to put a dedicated team to work for you.